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80% of France’s top 10 banks and 70% of French FinTech firms

An API to cover all your open finance needs

Just integrate our API, and plug one or several of our products: Pay, Bank, Wealth, and Bill.

These days, a new app, payment solution, or SaaS subscription is only a click away. And users will simply gravitate to the most convenient experience.

You need more than just a gateway to financial data and payment services. We bring a platform specifically designed to create and manage the applications that use these data and services. To make the embedded apps that have all the winning ingredients for success.

We open up finance to empower consumers and businesses. We partner with banks, fintechs, and other start-ups to create open finance and payment experience that users will love.

A single Open Banking API to connect all financial institutions in Europe.

Our account information services and payment initiation services license is passported in 30 countries in Europe and is available in the UK under the TPR regime. We are continuously expanding our coverage, in-depth and breadth, to give you improved access to financial data, including wealth accounts and open data, and payment services across Europe, the UK, and the EEA.

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Sellsy: an enhanced CRM thanks to our aggregation solutions


Agicap reinvents cash flow management with Budget Insight


Teaming to make accounting easier for entrepreneurs


Payment initiation by wire transfer: Voxpay integrates our API

Discover all our use cases

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