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France’s leading aggregator of banking data since 2012 and an essential B2B partner for financial services aggregation in Europe, Budget Insight supports its customers in creating the outstanding experiences of tomorrow.

Who are our partners?

80% of France’s top 10 banks
and 70% of French FinTech firms

A single Open Banking API to connect all financial institutions in Europe.

With the Budget Insight API, you can now connect to over 800 financial institutions in 18 countries. Our AIS (Account Information) and PIS (Initiation of Payment) licenses are passported in 30 countries in Europe as well as in England.

250 clients,
250 ways
to use our API

Why Budget Insight ?

100% B2B since 2012

with a team of employees that goes above and beyond to make our 200 clients’ strategic projects into successes.

Operational knowledge of financial practices

that differ in each market, in order to help you in your European projects.

Optimal, upgradeable solutions

to develop your future services one single API over 800 connectors

Security and PSD2 compliance guaranteed

Budget Insight, authorised by the ACPR, meets the highest regulatory and security requirements

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