Automate the banking identity control of your users simply.

With our Account Check solution, instantly streamline your onboarding experience. Reduce the risk of fraud. Reduce manual processing.

Check RIBs in a few second.

Simplify merchant onboarding by automating bank identity checks. As a result, it provides a secure and optimal payment experience.

  • Verify a third party’s banking identity before a transfer.
  • Guarantee the source and destination of funds
  • Reassure your users
  • Fight against bank identity theft
  • Verify payment compliance

Supplier management

Gain operational efficiency on supplier control with 100% digital bank identity verification.

  • Check the integrity of your suppliers before payment
  • Drastically reduce the risk of fraud
  • Save time and money

Crowdfunding, gaming & investing

Secure payments to your users without compromising the user experience.

  • Verify the banking identity of a third party before a transfer
  • Fight against bank identity theft
  • Secure your payments

How Open Banking automates RIB control
in 3 simple steps.


Without document exchange and manual control, onboarding a new customer or supplier is much faster.

Operational efficiency

Free your departments from controlling non-value-added manual tasks. Focus on what matters: your customers and the payment experience.


Our Open Banking API retrieves the data at the source (the bank). The risk of fraud or human error is strongly reduced.

We offer the technology you need!

You too can simplify the bank identity check.
Let your customers experience a new way of doing business.

Why choose Budget Insight ?

  • Pioneer of Open Banking & expert in Open Finance since 2012
  • European coverage
  • Connection with 800 institutions
  • ACPR accredited
  • Security and PSD2 compliance guarantees
  • In-house risk and compliance department

An API to cover all your Open Finance needs

Just integrate our API, and plug one or several of our products: Pay, Bank, Wealth, and Bill.

These days, a new app, payment solution, or SaaS subscription is only a click away. And users will simply gravitate to the most convenient experience.

You need more than just a gateway to financial data and payment services. We bring a platform specifically designed to create and manage the applications that use these data and services. To make the embedded apps that have all the winning ingredients for success.

We open up finance to empower consumers and businesses. We partner with banks, fintechs, and other start-ups to create open finance and payment experience that users will love.