Bank, the leading B2B account aggregator in France

Whether you’re a retail bank, a chartered accountancy, a software publisher, or a lender, Bank enables your customers to collect and transmit all of their banking data in a simple, instantaneous, secure way so that they can access smarter services.

Deep, exhaustive data

  • Personal and business payment accounts
  • Card accounts (debit and credit)
  • Loans
  • Short-term savings (Livret A, LDD, PEL, CEL, etc.)
  • Real-time overview (complete and summary) of cash positions
  • Automated processing to avoid errors and save time
  • No mandate to sign
  • Breadth of data: IBAN #, first and last name, statement pdf (if accessible)
  • PSD2-compliant 
  • Asset accounts (securities, stock funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, etc.) available on Wealth
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financial connectors
in France and abroad

API Simple integration
Speedy onboarding

Ready For developers!

  • API that meets the REST and OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Data sent in real time to your webhooks
  • Readable, exhaustive data models in JSON format for easier use
GET /users/me/accounts
 "accounts": [
    "id": 123,
    "name": "Checking Account",
    "number": 0212366548,
    "iban": "FR1221954549412158521",
    "type": "checking",
    "balance": 1452.56,
    "coming": null,
    "currency": { "id": "EUR", ... },

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