Bill, the document aggregator

Whether you’re a chartered accountancy, a fund manager, or an HR software publisher, Bill enables your customers to connect all of their supplier sites in order to retrieve all of the documents available. An API for aggregating all types of documents and extracting their metadata in a simple, instantaneous, secure way.

Automated metadata extraction

  • More than 200 connectors in France and abroad
  • New connectors created every month, and even more on demand
  • Productivity gains: No need to import or manually input documentation
  • All bill and document format types supported (html, pdf)
  • Automated metadata extraction from documents (invoices, administrative documents)
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Supplier sites
in France and abroad

API Simple integration
Speedy onboarding

Ready For developers!

  • API that meets the REST and OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Data sent in real time to your webhooks
  • Readable, exhaustive data models in JSON format for easier use
Ready to try it out? Documentation
GET /users/me/documents
  "documents": [
      "id": 56789,
      "name": "Facture Acme 023315",
      "type": "bill",
      "rdate": 2020-08-27,
      "url": https://…,
      "thumb_url": https://…,
  "first_date": "2017-02-14",
  "last_date": "2020-09-15",
  "result_min_date": "2020-08-30",
  "result_max_date": "2020-09-30"

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