Pay, the payment initiation solution

Whether you’re a bank, a fintech firm, or a management software publisher, Pay enables your clients to make payments without leaving your interfaces. Businesses can settle their bills and payroll directly via your application. Pay also allows for merchant payment initiation, wallet refilling, instant payments and soon, bulk payment. 

Pay features

  • Add trusted recipients
  • SEPA transfers in 1 business day or scheduled for later
  • Prearranged transfers
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Institutions in
France and abroad

Simple integation
Speedy onboarding

Ready For developers!

  • API that meets the REST and OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Data sent in real time to your webhooks
  • Readable, exhaustive data models in JSON format for easier use 

Ready to try it out? Documentation

POST /users/me/transfers
      "id_connector": 59,
      "client_redirect_uri": "",
      "client_state": "AAAA-BBBB-CCCCCCCC",
      "instructions":  [
          "reference_id": "TRANSFERXXXX",
          "label": "Test",
          "amount": 5.95,
          "currency": "EUR",
          "execution_date_type": "first_open_day",
          "beneficiary": {
            "scheme_name": "iban",
            "identification": "FRXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
            "label": "Toto",
            "merchant_scheme_name": "siren",
            "merchant_identification": "111111111"
      "validated": true
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