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The investment and wealth data aggregator

Whether you’re a private bank, an insurer, an asset manager, a fintech or insurtech firm, or a management software publisher, the Wealth API makes it possible to aggregate all life insurance policies, securities accounts, stock funds, retirement and employee savings agreements in order to offer your clients a complete view of their assets and make more informed investment decisions.

Detailed investment data

  • Access to asset accounts (securities, stock funds, endowment contracts, life insurance, retirement accounts of various types)
  • Automated comprehensive view of the asset portfolio
  • Detailed investment data: ISIN code, quantities of assets, purchase price, etc.
  • Advanced real-time data
  • Payment accounts, card accounts, loans, accessible short-term savings available on the Bank API
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Simple integration
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Ready For developers!

  • API that meets the REST and OAuth 2.0 standards
  • Data sent in real time to your webhooks
  • Readable, exhaustive data models in JSON format for easier use 

Ready to try it out? Documentation

GET /users/me/investments
  "investments": [
      "id": 254681,
      "code_type": "ISIN",
      "code": "FR0009061084",
      "valuation": 159123.72,
      "unitprice": 0.0,
      "unitvalue": 22.2613,
      "quantity": 243.9626,
      "portfolio_share": 0.886,
      "diff": -20.648113542,
      "diff_percent": 0.7186,
      "prev_diff": null,
      "vdate": "2020-03-06",
      "prev_vdate": null,
      "detail": {
            "performance_1_year": -0.002847,
            "performance_3_years": 0.012554,
            "performance_5_years": 0.023518,
            "srri": 3,
            "asset_category": "International Stocks",
      "original_valuation":  null,
      "original_unitprice":  0.312,
      "original_unitvalue":  null,
      "original_diff":  null,
      "calculated":  [ "diff_percent" ],

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