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From our headquarters in Paris, we assist our 230 clients in France and in Europe. B2B has been our mission since 2012, and it’s changed everything: Our employees’ mindset, our operational priorities, and our roadmap!

More than 80% of banks and 70% of fintech firms in France now rely on Budget Insight to build the user experience they’ve dreamt of and seek operational experience.

Budget Insight is above all:

  • A 100% B2B-focused technology company
  • A suite of bank account and document aggregation products
  • Access to more than 800 connectors in Europe
  • 110 employees for your strategic project

Budget Insight is a tight-knit team built around four values: 

Customer satisfaction

Skills development


Happiness in the workplace

Our story


Romain and Bertrand, a new duo at the head of Budget Insight.
With his new presidential responsibilities, Romain guides strategic choices related to technology and innovation. He now heads the company alongside Bertrand Jeannet, appointed Chief Executive Officer.  Bertrand, a specialist in European payment services, joined Budget Insight in June 2018. His role is to define the company’s strategic direction and objectives around two major axes: European expansion and product diversification.


Fortunate meetings make for the best founding stories.
In 2012, Romain, a self-taught developer, and Clément, an engineer at École Centrale Paris, both wanted to improve the way banks do business. The application intended to make individuals’ lives easier soon turned into a 100% B2B company, with the aim of overhauling how finances are managed. Clément attracted by new adventures, leaves the company in 2021.

Our jobs

Developers and Product Owners

A Budget Insight, technology is only a means to an end. By giving universal access to specific details, it reduces all needless or time-consuming complexity so that developers get a robust, easy-to-integrate solution. Open-source software has always been in our DNA, and we actively participate in its community.

HR and Finance

More than 7 years of organic growth and financial independence have taught us how to build solid corporate fundamentals. With Arkéa now supporting our development, our HR and Finance teams ensure skills development and talent retention, as well as rigourous management. Go behind the scenes at Budget Insight

Our Risk and Compliance teams

Our risk and compliance teams oversee all internal auditing processes in strict accordance with payment provider regulations. It will help you understand recently added regulations (GDPR, PSD2, etc.) and help you adhere to them. By participating in legislative processes, in direct concert with the Bank of France and the European Bank Autority, it helps prepare for our clients’ regulatory future. Update about our “compliance” area.

Sales team

This is your first contact at Budget Insight, and it embodies our desire to build better B2B services with you. The discussions we’ll have together will add substance to your strategic and operational choices, and we’ll be happy to put our knowledge of practices and technologies to work for you.

Infra, Exploit and Quality

In order to guarantee significant stability and availability, the infra-exploit teams are there to set up and maintain the various environments, ensure security and operate the service and set up its constant developments, all under watchful eye of the Quality team.

Account, Support and Customer Management

You’ve got a challenge, service, or customer journey in mind. No matter how far along your project is, our Account, Support and Customer Success Management team will support your project by providing you with the tools, training, and guidance you need in each phase.

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Security and PSD2 compliance guarantees

Budget Insight is authorised by the ACPR and meets the highest regulatory and security requirements

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