The lending
practices revolution is only beginning

Can a loan be delivered through a simple, instant process with risk fully managed? It can!

Your client’s bank transactions become tools for creating new outstanding credit experiences. See our partners’ use cases.

Sources of dissatisfaction for your clients:
Loan and credit application processes are lengthy, tedious, and sometimes discriminatory (against young people and very small businesses)

The solution? New scoring methods that incorporate bank transaction data via an aggregator that enables individuals and businesses to more easily access credit and bank loans


This revolving credit solution adapts to users’ needs. Thanks to transfer initiation, clients can receive transfers into their checking account within 48 hours, and manage their budget on their own.

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This super-easy multiple-instalment payment service allows merchants to increase their sales by 20% on average, both online and in-store. The customer can get what they want and pay later, while the merchant receives payment right away with no worries.

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A microcredit solution with turnaround in under 24 hours without documentation, made possible by aggregating users’ bank data

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