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Make your clients’ accounting easier by connecting to their bank accounts, automating bill data retrieval, and facilitating their bill payments.

Account and bill aggregation technologies are tools for creating outstanding management and accounting experiences.

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Sources of dissatisfaction for your clients:
Accounting is a threefold problem for your clients: It’s time-consuming, daunting, and expensive.

The solution? Aggregating accounts and bills makes it possible to retrieve transaction data and automate accounting entries, saving your clients time and money.


Aggregating clients’ bank accounts, retrieving bills, and automated bank reconciliation help clients become more productive when they handle their accounting and payroll.

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Creating an online interface and synchronizing with bank accounts in order to retrieve the user’s transaction data make it possible for the client to manage the books and prepare accounting documents with less effort, cutting costs by four-fifths.

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Cleemy is a software that automates the management of users’ expense reports. Digitizing their documentation and reconciling transactions and bills saves time and boosts productivity.

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