Bank account aggregation is reinventing cashback rewards

What if your clients could earn money or save when they make purchases? See how aggregation can help build client loyalty.

Bank account aggregation technologies enable banks and merchants to build more customer loyalty than they could before, through new cashback methods.

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Sources of dissatisfaction for your clients:
Rewards programmes are not always a good fit for what consumers want these days. They can be expensive and are becoming less profitable.

The solution? Account aggregation enables new, more efficient rewards solutions that are more in step with today’s practices.

PayLead operates smart loyalty programs for banks, fintechs and digital communities, by leveraging banking data and rewarding their members everytime they make online or offline purchases from retail shop partners.

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Budget Insight and Paylead joined forces to serve Poulpéo, a key player in cashback rewards. A simple, high value-added solution for your users. Every purchase earns money, and the Poulpéo programme also offers a variety of discounts.

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This application enables the user to earn points by making everyday purchases without having to take any other steps by accessing their bank account data. Points can be traded for gift cards or charitable donations.

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By linking their bank card with the app, users earn money by patronising partner shops or restaurants. The bank data aggregator securely keep track of purchases to enable discounts.  

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