Wealth management: Aggregating assets is a game-changer

No more tedious manual entry; see all of your clients’ investment positions and assets in real time. 

Digitalization and account aggregation technologies are tools for creating outstanding experiences in wealth management.

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Sources of dissatisfaction for your clients:
Being unable to see a client’s wealth situation in real time may lead to poor investment choices and income losses.

The solution? Aggregating financial asset accounts offers a clear, real-time view of the state of their assets and enables better decisions.

iOS Dash - cashbee

Cashbee is a simple savings application that allows you to put your sleeping money to work and earn 2% for two months and then 0.6% on an interest-bearing account opened in your name in less than 6 minutes.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Cashbee+ life insurance, to aim for higher returns, via sustainable investments, and thus give meaning to your savings. All this via a 100% mobile and secure experience.

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A solution that enables users to better manage their savings with an overview of their investments, categorisation of their income and expenses, financial diagnostics, and alerts.

All thanks to an aggregator that connects their bank accounts, investments, and real estate.

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Natixis logo

This solution, created in partnership with Budget Insight, is the first aggregator for employment and retirement savings. This innovative service aims to offer savers the smoothest possible digital experience by offering them a consolidated view of their company-funded savings to make managing them easier.

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This aggregation and advice platform developed with Budget Insight enables users to connect all of their savings, in order to be able to analyze their assets in detail and gives them personalised advice to improve the return on their financial investments.

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