Agicap reinvents cash flow management with Budget Insight

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Rethinking cash flow management for SMEs

Agicap is fundamentally rethinking one of the most acute challenges of all businesses: cash flow management.
Founded in Lyon, France in 2016, Agicap is one of Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups with more than 6000 customers and 600 employees in 10 countrie

Bringing practical solutions to an underserved audience

Being able to manage and anticipate cash flow has always been a fundamental need for all SME managers and CFOs,” explains Jérémie Barbet, Deputy CPO at Agicap. “For many of them, this manual work was an additional responsibility. We are the first solution dedicated to their need.” 

In effect, businesses are particularly sensitive to cash flow. Often it is a question of their survival. Agicap enables business owners and heads of finance to manage their cash flow and make forecasts based on different business scenarios. The result is improved visibility of their cash position and their cash outlook at all times. Thanks to this, they can make better decisions to develop their business, with confidence in their data.

The hours saved collecting, categorizing, reconciling, and analyzing transactions from multiple bank accounts in Excel, a notoriously error-prone and time-consuming manual process, is the cherry on the cake.

Reliable banking data is the enabler

Data integration is the cornerstone for Agicap. It needs to automatically collect all the transactions, invoices, and account balances on behalf of its customers. Reliable, uninterrupted access to bank account information is absolutely critical.

We aim to offer a fluid experience for all our customers, whichever banking institutions they are using,” says Barbet. “The onboarding, or account connection, experience for the end-user must be flawless. Above all, we must then be able to retrieve data several times a day without error.

Agicap is unique in having professional and small business users across all of Europe. Unlike high-volume consumer accounts, business accounts are notorious for offering less mature PSD2 API access. In turn, they are less well-served by most open banking providers, who are unable to compensate for unstable quality of service by building redundant access methods. Oftentimes, they don’t offer access at all. 

The company is very data-driven in how it chooses its technology partners. As it has a large footprint across Europe, it has worked with several providers. 

We have learned that quality partners are rare. We constantly test with our own customers, with different scopes of use, and we double down on what gives us the best results,” says Barbet. “Because of this, I think, we are one of Budget Insight’s customers with the most varied range of banking connections.”

Quality connections are the operational advantage

For Agicap, customer onboarding and continued product adoption are a function of the overall customer experience. It judges success in terms of connection stability and uptime. 

Customers absolutely depend on Agicap. Managers need cash visibility and forecasts on demand. They have no time or patience for technical issues. 

Service to our customers is our number one priority, and unscheduled support penalizes everybody,” says Barbet. “We work to proactively identify connection problems when they occur so that we can respond very quickly. For this reason, we are laser-focused on real-user monitoring – on quality-of-experience metrics. We pay particular attention to error rates and uptime. And so does Budget Insight.”


A trusted partner to grow

“With Budget Insight, we have access to true open banking experts and technology partner aligned with our hypergrowth ambitions. ” 

– Jérémie Barbet, Deputy CPO, Agicap




Agicap is pursuing its pan-European expansion at a hypergrowth pace. The company adapts its services to each market it serves. One of its primary challenges is dealing with the fragmented open-banking landscape for business accounts. Covering all the accounts that its own customers use and providing reliable connections are vital for it to expand its addressable market.

For example, in Italy, where Agicap is currently concentrating its business development efforts, it is working hand in hand with Budget Insight on validating new account connectors and improving connection quality ahead of what the banks’ own APIs are providing.

It’s invaluable for us to have long-term access to people who are true open banking experts. We can both discuss best business practices and get into all the finer technical details,” says Barbet. “Open Banking still holds many opportunities and challenges for us going forward. Budget Insight is actively involved in influencing the future regulatory standards that, ultimately, we are building our business on. We are lucky that our geographical growth and roadmap ambitions are aligned.

Let’s reinvent financial services together !

Do you want to design a solution for your B2B customers?




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