Webview Budget Insight

With the V4 Webview, reassure your users and increase conversions

Our Webview, the login and payment interface for end-users, has been completely redesigned to simplify their experience and give them full confidence. Discover V4 now! Reminders about Webview Budget Insight’s mission is to deliver the best Open Banking and Open Finance experience to businesses and their users. To businesses, we promise an enriched API that […]

iPaidThat and Budget Insight: teaming to make accounting easier for entrepreneurs

Let’s discuss! Interested in enriching your solution and simplifying the accounting management of your B2B customers? Talk to an expert In its early days, iPaidThat was an automatic invoice collection tool. Today, with the help of Budget Insight, iPaidThat offers an all-in-one SaaS that simplifies the financial and accounting management of startups, VSEs, and SMEs. […]