Budget Insight Monthly Product Post

Introducing our Monthly Product Posts, with some news on reliability & availability monitoring

What if we gave you some regular highlights on Budget Insight’s new features, how they help you better support your use cases, and how we managed to build them? Say no more!

We’re introducing today our new series of Monthly Product Posts, to give you a bit of understanding on our latest developments and the inner workings of our Product team 😉


Today we’re starting with some key new features we’ve released in the last couple of months. So many things happened, and we’re excited to share. Our first issue will deal with the most important feat for a bank account aggregator : reliability and transparency.


Increasing reliability & transparency on our services’ health.


As you may already know, maintaining the highest standard of availability for Budget Insight’s overall API and connectors is absolutely paramount to us. It’s our “North Star” metric. According to our clients, our relentless commitment to superior quality is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

But it’s no easy business. As a bank account & document aggregator, whether we are using Banks’ APIs or screen scraping, reliability issues will arise. The Bank API’s may not behave as expected, or web interfaces may change unexpectedly. So how do we deal with it?

Notifying our customers as soon as data synchronization issues are detected.

Since always, we’ve sent e-mail notifications to our customers when connectivity issues to an institution are detected by our monitoring systems. But that only covered top-traffic connectors, didn’t allow our customers to have a real-time view on our progress to fix the issue, and perhaps most importantly, it didn’t help our customers to warn their users of the current issue. So we’ve done three things to improve that.


Real-time connector status


Last month we’ve introduced a new page on our Console. It’s called “Status” and you can find it here (Console account required).

On this page, you will find the overall status for all our connectors (Bank, Wealth, Bill & Pay), with the ability to select only the connectors that are activated on your domains, and further filters those by status or name.



There are three statuses :


  • Stable, where we see no or few isolated incidents
  • Unstable, where 5-15% of overall data synchronizations seem to raise issues
  • Down, where we see more than 15% of data synchronizations raising issues


Statuses are updated several times a day, so it really gives a real-time snapshot on the overall health of our aggregation services.


Better reporting on incident resolution


We used to have an overall “Incident timeline” view where you could see, in chronological order, the different issues arising on our systems and the progress we made on fixing them.


To improve the readability of this reporting, we merged the timeline into the connectors statuses. Our customers can now track the issues solving progress for each connector – and, obviously, focus on the most  important ones for them.


screen shot Console ING Connector incident reporting


For each of our connectors, you can further zoom in and retrieve the history of incident resolution.


screen shot connectors incidents report


(Beta) Real-time status through an API endpoint


For our customers, the final step when you’re looking to anticipate data synchronization issues is to be able to warn end users as soon as those issues arise. That’s why we’ll be currently beta-testing a dedicated endpoint, which will allow our clients to build in-app notification systems and alert their end users in real-time. That’s a great way to avoid user disappointment and unnecessary overhead on our customers’ support teams.


Eager to test the feature ? Feel free to contact Maxime our Console Product Manager with your API domain details.