Sellsy: an enhanced CRM thanks to our aggregation solutions

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Budget Insight has been providing its expertise in Open Banking for Sellsy since 2018. Offering a CRM suite through a unique platform, the French scaleup continues to achieve success with its 3rd fundraising round of 55 million in early 2022.

Clément Deschamps, Product Marketing Manager at Sellsy, takes a look back at our fruitful collaboration.

How does the Sellsy CRM suite meet the needs of companies?

At the beginning in 2009, Sellsy offered an invoicing tool. Today, we provide a global and collaborative solution combining CRM, management, and pre-accounting tools. The main benefit for companies is to have software that optimizes customer relationship management throughout the entire life cycle. 

Our suite provides 3 major tangible benefits: 

  • Significant time savings: our customers save between 6 and 7 hours per month.
  • Bank reconciliation: 42% of our customers use bank reconciliation, which makes accounting less tedious and much faster.
  • Expense control: with the reporting from bank reconciliation, our customers get an overview to analyze their revenues and expenses and identify important cost-saving opportunities. Some customers have reported reducing expenses by 70% in just a few months.
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How does Budget Insight contribute to the success of your CRM suite?

Our customers were expecting two features: they wanted to have a global view of their bank accounts without leaving Sellsy, and to have an integrated cash management tool. That’s why we turned to Budget Insight.

Thanks to bank synchronization made possible by the Bank solution, we were able to connect to our customers’ accounts. Executives and CFOs can thus access a global view of their accounts, without having to log out of Sellsy.

With the Bank product, we are also able to integrate bank reconciliation and to offer the cash management tool within Sellsy, which is used by both accountants and sales departments to ensure that suppliers are paid and that sales invoices are collected.

We chose to work with Budget Insight for four reasons: 

  1. French player
  2. The very good relationship with our people 
  3. Their efficient technical solution fits our solutions
  4. Their truly mastered knowledge of the business management and accounting sector

How do you see the future with Budget Insight?

Our ambition is to continue to help companies grow in an agile way and to enrich our CRM suite. We would like to develop new functionalities such as invoice retrieval, so that companies can pay their suppliers in just one click. Hence, we are interested in Budget Insight’s Bill product, as well as Pay.

And just like Budget Insight, the development of our activity in Europe is part of our roadmap: we are walking together towards the same goal, and this is another reason to collaborate!

Let’s discuss!

Would you like to enrich your solution and optimize your B2B customers’ management?




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Why choose Budget Insight ?

  • Open Banking pioneer & Open Finance expert since 2012
  • European coverage
  • ACPR approved
  • Guarantees of security and PSD2 compliance
  • In-house risk and compliance department

About Sellsy

Sellsy is a French company founded in 2009. Its strategy is based on innovation, with the aim of providing firms and their employees with simple, effective, and secure digital solutions. The founders are not software specialists, but they have instilled from the start the desire to offer a product designed for users, not for IT departments. Today, Sellsy has 6,000 customers and over 35,000 users in 40 countries.